Kicking off the Equity Working Group

The Equity Working Group had its first meeting on July 10, 2014, where we established the three primary goals for this group:

  1. Explore ways to make technology-based badges accessible to all learners;
  2. Increase student access to opportunities, helping them create pathways through their areas of interest;
  3. Incorporate youth/participant voice to the badging ecosystem.

We spent some time identifying ways of assessing how we are making progress towards these goals. Although it is easy to think of how individual organizations can monitor or report on their own progress, it is also essential to consider the opportunity for exploring access to programs across the partnership.

Potential Indicators:

  • Increases in the number of learners accepting and using badges (Goal 1)
  • Analysis of how easy is it is for providers to issue badges (Goal 1)
  • Increased learner access to key technology tools such as wifi, cell phones, and smart phones (Goal 1)
  • Ability for learners to access opportunities across organizations through the badge ecosystem (Goal 2)
  • The creation of a meta-data tracking and recommender service (Goal 2)
  • Reports from individual organizations on utilization of youth voice (Goal 3)
  • Feedback from youth participants after program  (Goal 3)

We also recognized existing resources for access and discussed sharing those across the broader C-STEMBE group.

Our next steps are to identify tags we might use on badges, in order to facilitate learning opportunities across institutions. We also plan on investigating the potential for incorporating youth voice by surveying current partners and potentially sharing the C-STEMBE work for a panel of youth. What would you like to see as outcomes of the Equity Working Group?


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