Integration Working Group Kickoff

The Integration Working Group had its first meeting on July 10, 2014, where we established the three primary goals for this group:

  1. Explore and define the effective relationship between institutional level (content) badges and skills badges like C-STEM.
  2. Collaborate with Chicago City of Learning (CCOL, and other badge issuing platforms) to integrate C-STEM badges within the their frameworks.
  3. Incorporation of youth/participant voice (also in equity working group)
  4. Integration with formal education learning management systems

We brainstormed around some methods we might implement to assess progress towards these goals. We also added goal 4, determining that integration meant not only thinking about the various types of badges (content vs. skills) work together, but also how they work with different platforms and in different learning contexts. So goals 2 and 4 will need to be tackled in collaboration with the technology working group. We also intend to reach out to teachers and school districts to see what they would find useful in badges.

The indicators of progress we decided on (not that they might not change over time) are:

  • Identification of various ways that content/skills (organizational & community badges) are being effectively used together (Goal 1)
  • Creation and review of a set of integration protocols that is useful to and being used by other organizations (Goal 1)
  • Seamless integration (for user and issuer) of CSTEMBE badges with CCOL platform, and other relevant platforms (Collaborate with tech working group). (Goal 2)
  • CSTEMBE organizations use a variety of platforms to issue community badges, badges are shared/pushed across platforms.(Goal 2)
  • Understanding of what educators and school systems would look for in using badges to recognized learning in formal education contexts (work with valuing working group) (Goal 4)
  • Select school districts (CPS?) recognize/issue/give credit for badges earned (work with valuing working group)(Goal 4)
  • Badges are pushed/issued in formal education management software (Goal 4)
  • Feedback from youth participants after program ¬†(Goal 3)

Our next step is to determine how organizations that are currently using skills, content, and other types of badges are integrating them in their programs. We will be using these case studies to identify and document differences and similarities across organizations with the end goal of creating protocols for badge integration that can be resources for other organizations as they think about how they want to implement badging in their own context.

Are there other things you youth we should be thinking about? Any other possible outcomes of the Integration Working Group?


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