Notes from Valuing Working Group for March 2015

C-STEMBE Valuing Working Group

Friday, March 13, 2015, 11am – 12pm CT

Meeting Notes:

In Attendance: Jameela, Maggie, Jackie, Barry, Rik (notetaker)

1. Recap from Larger Meeting

  • walkthrough of Youtopia and ForAllRubrics badging systems
  • pushing badges to Chicago City of Learning online learning platform
  • Jameela:
    • we’ve used both systems
    • ForAll: has an app – easier to use from a device perspective. It looks nicer aesthetically. It’s more about youth-centered learning.
    • YouTopia: gamification more emphasized. Doesn’t include evidence beyond text.
    • Both systems can push to CCOL: But ForAll makes it harder since you have to create a badge on CCOL first.
  • Jackie:
    • Afterschool Matters training was very focused on the skills badge, resulted in agreement and consensus across hundreds of sites
    • Maybe the takeaway should be us focusing on one badge and create value for that badge?
  • Jameela:
    • need more focus on cross-institutionality, managing how badges are rolled out across institutions
    • need to address “standardization” of badging across institutions, and whether that even makes sense
    • Some sites create their own badges instead of using the CSTEMB badges because the CSTEMB ones didn’t make as much sense to their context
  • Jackie:
    • I think standardization can work, so we should address how to make them work.
  • Jameela:
    • Cross institutional badging is important to us, since we work with so many groups.
    • A skill needs to be transferrable from one place to another.
    • Sprout Fund in Pittsburgh: did content specific badges that we should check out.

Questions for Chicago City of Learning:

  • Jackie: What is being pushed to CCOL? Just the baked badge?
  • Jameela: Who is creating the badges on CCOL?
  • Jackie: Do CCOL badges get pushed back to YouTopia / ForAll or to the student’s own backpack?

2. Review Goals of this Group

We reviewed the stated output goals of the group from the planning documents:

Output Goals:

  1. Understand how to integrate badges into learning activities so that students’ intrinsically value them as representations of their learning.
  2. Engage the education and career communities around the value of badging and create a concrete benefits structure (internships, service learning hours, college admissions/job opportunities).
  3. Incorporation of youth/participant voice

We discussed whether we had covered these topics already or should re-focus on any of these for the remainder of our time together as a working group.


  • I think we are covering these goals
  • we are doing a focus group with instructors on badging
  • we are conducting a youth survey getting feedback


  • My blog post covers goals 1 and 3
  • Celebrating Pi Day, included badging, for example
  • youth will provide feedback on the badges
  • we are getting feedback from youth on which learning opportunities are important to them, have them inform how the learning portfolio is built next time


  • presented example of a badging system that mapped badges to people that the youth knew who embodied the principles or ideals of that badge
  • recommended naming of badges and missions that resonate with the youth in some way


  • maybe the “tag” / label represents the actual competency or skillset, while the badge can be named differently for different groups or youth?

3. Blog Posts

We reviewed where we were at for blog posts this month:

Next Meeting — April


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